Required Questions To Ask During Choose A Web Hosting Provider

By | May 9, 2018

Performance of your website depends on hosting provider so it is important to pay attention to the process of choosing a web hosting provider. If you want to plan to purchase hosting for your website or blog then you must check to host foundry for reviews of leading companies. That provide credible features.

Choose Hosting Provider

Today we are going to inform you about some questions that you must ask before choosing a hosting provider. And must confirm with them this question to run your website smoothly.

Below are the top questions you must ask every hosting provider to verify they are the right host for you or not?

Which is your security policy?

This is the most important question for everyone who is going to purchase hosting. You need to know the backup solution because when your data is lost you can easily restore it without any hassle. You must know the action taken by the company to applied security on your hosting. For example, SSL certificate to encrypt the connection.

What is the speed of your server?

Performance of your website totally depends on good server configuration. If server configuration is good then the speed of your website will be high. Ask your hosting provider that they are promising for the speed of the server will be high most of the time.

You must check the review of another customer for the speed of the server. Check that the shared hosting service is not shared among many sites for each server.

What is the stability of your servers?

If your site is focused on selling goods and services then server downtown could lose your business. Preferable Server uptime is 99% and above that is provided by the reliable hosting provider and they prove it. There are some companies whose uptime is as low as 93%, which means you will get a problem and you lose traffic because the user will not be able to reach your website.

How is your customer support?

The responsive and fast customer department will help you to solve any problem that you face in hosting. So check that customer support is stable or not.

For example, If you are going to purchase Managed WordPress Hosting then must take care of choosing a hosting provider because in this hosting you need best customer support from hosting provider. Because in Managed WordPress Hosting company will manage your server.

What if I am dissatisfied with your service?

Must ask them if I am dissatisfied with your service then how you will prove your service is best then other. Ask them do they offer refunds or will you be penalized?

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