This App Of Google Will Remember Things For You

By | May 8, 2018

How do you remember important things that think you may forget? The answer is, you write down notes of it or else try to remember that thing. There are lots of digital notes app available on market to write down notes but today we are telling you something different than that digital notes.

Google Assistant the voice assistant app that is now available on newer Android phones. If you have not downloaded and install the Google Assistant App then download it from play store and enjoy voice assistant.

google assistant remember

Below are the Things that Google Remember for you

To start, launch the Google Assistant App on your phone. Now say “Remember…” followed by the information you would like Google to remember.

For Example:
– Remember that my wife birthdate is 27 August
– Remember that I parked the car on the 1st floor
– Remember that my hotel room number is 444
– Remember that my area pin code is 3800XX
– Remember my favorite color is black
– Remember that my bike number is GJ 1 XXXX

You can launch the Google Assistant anytime in future and ask Google for information that was previously stored by you.

How to ask Google Assitant for remembers?

You can say something like,
– What is my wife birthdate?
– Where I parked the car?
– What is my hotel room number?
– What is my area pin code?
– What is the favorite color?
– What’s my bike number?

If Google Assitant is not understood your question, you can say “What did I ask you to remember”. It will show a list of the 5 most recent things you’ve asked Google to remember.

How to Remove Google Assistant Memory for Remember Thing?

Remove Google Assistant Memory

You can say Google Assitant to forget the thing that they remember. You can say “Forget my wife birthdate” or “Forgot all that I ask you to remember” and select the “Forget #” option to erase any of the listed items from Google’s memory.

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