How To Map Domain Purchased From Godaddy On Bigrock Web Hosting

By | August 11, 2018

Sometimes we purchase the domain from one service provider and web hosting from another service provider. In this situation, we need to map the domain with our hosting service provider.  Actually, there is no matter to buy hosting from one company and domain from another. Its totally depends on requirements.

Domain to Hosting

The process to map domain purchased from Godaddy on Bigrock hosting

Step 1: Check your Email(Hosting Account Welcome Email) provided by Bigrock and Check Nameservers.

Step 2: Login into your GoDaddy domain control panel and update the nameserver as per the First step. Click on Manage Domain (select the domain you want to map). Click on “Manage” in the Nameserver tab.

Step 3: Select “Custom” and input the Nameservers you got from Bigrock.

Step 4: Done. Now, wait for a few hours (can take up to 24-48 hours, though usually completes in less than that) for the DNS to propagate.

Note: if you have any difficulty ask your domain provider or hosting provider to update the nameserver for your domain.

However, most of the companies doing the same but the cost are less and cheap as compared to Namecheap and GoDaddy. There is some other domain registrar which are having low prices.

There are many popular domain name providers are out they all provide domain name but the cost of the domain is different.

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