Best Features of SendInBlue Marketing Tool

By | October 23, 2021

Sendinblue empowers businesses to build and grow relationships through email campaigns, transactional emails, SMS messages, marketing automation, Facebook Ads, chat, CRM and retargeting ads. SendInBlue Marketing Tool provides great combination of responsive and helpful customer support, easy to use and rich in tools schema with a great value for money.

Features SendInBlue

Its point set makes it rather analogous to SendGrid, Mailgun, Amazon SES and the likes, at least when it comes toe-mail transferring capabilities. For those who do n’t know what we ’re talking about, SendInBlue is a each- by-one SAAS- grounded platform that offers transactional services similar as Dispatch, SMS, Chat and further through a protean set of APIs that can be invoked and consumed from external websites or web services.

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Best Features of SendInBlue Marketing Tool

Email Marketing Features

You can easily promote your brand and grow your business with beautifully designed emails. Get the word out and sell more with sleek email messages that you can design in no time.

Easy to Design Email: Create a professional-looking email in no time! Choose to start with a template email template library, or build a new design from scratch. Add the blocks and style that you want using the intuitive drag & drop builder to perfectly match your brand and wow your audience.

Personalize the content: Bring your email content to life by dynamically adding text such as your contact’s name using personalization, or go even further with our advanced email personalization options.

Choose your recipients: Group contacts however you want and take your strategy further by choosing even smaller segments based on criteria that you choose. With unlimited lists and contacts in Sendinblue, your creativity has no limits.

Send intelligently: Finish your message and let them handle the hard stuff. Find the best message with A/B testing and make sure your email is sent at the perfect time with the click of a button using our machine learning-powered send time optimization.

SMS Marketing Features

Spread the word about your latest promotion: Simply write your message, choose a list, and schedule it to be sent when you want. Promote time-sensitive and special events by sending bulk SMS marketing campaigns to a contact list from your database.

Easy to Keep contacts up-to-date: Set up transactional SMS for order confirmations, shipping updates, and more using our API, marketing automation, or a on of our plugins. Communicate your most important or time-sensitive messages directly to customers’ phones.

Create personalized messages: Personalize SMS messages using segmentation and dynamically adding individual contact attributes such as first or last name, company name, or other information you have for your contacts.

Best way to stay on top of your performance: Identify problems in real time for transactional SMS messages using real-time deliverability reporting and engagement statistics. Monitor the performance of your SMS campaigns with key engagement metrics to know what works and what you can improve.

Chat Features

Setup your chatbox: Customize the colors, then add your business name and logo so your customers will immediately recognize that it’s you. Create a seamless experience for your website visitors by setting up your chat environment and personalizing it to match your business.

Install chat plugin in seconds: Set up Chat on your site and start talking with visitors in no time! Once you’ve configured your chat environment and company profile in the platform, just copy the code snippet and paste it into the header of your site — then start chatting away with your website visitors.

Organize your team: Organize your workflow by assigning conversations to different chat user agents to optimize response time and prevent any missed opportunities. Always stay on top of things and never leave your customers waiting.

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