How Can You Start Your Freelance Article Writing Career

By | June 5, 2018

Today I am going to share with you how can you start your writing career as a freelance. I will explain you step-by-step and apply them to your own situation (career) right away.

Freelancer Article Writing Career

Guideline to start your freelancer article writing career

1. Find your expertise

My first suggestion to you is finding your area of interest. I am talking about your creativity.

Always choose the topic for writing that you can write much easier. It involves doing some soul searching, figuring out what you’re knowledgeable about, and then writing some articles around that topic.

It is not easy to get writing topic that depends on your interest. So here you need to find your passion. Once you decide your passion then you can easily write anything.

Here I am talking about one great example of passion. For example, Michael Jordan was not great at basketball when he first started playing. He was even rejected by his high school team. Michael Jordan became the legend he is because he chose to create his expertise consciously.

What I’m trying to say here is that you write about things you’re already knowledgeable about. Instead, pick whatever area you don’t know, and then become an expert in it.

2. Create your online portfolio

A blog is a crucial step in this process.  You need to create your own portfolio on the internet because without it no one will want to hire you. And this is quite understandable. why would anyone believe that you can actually write in an engaging way, right?

The easy way of getting this initial portfolio is to start your own blog/website. You can use your blog as your business card.  You can publish relevant articles which will act as samples of your skills.

Things will be a lot tougher without a blog! The biggest benefit of owning such a thing is that you no longer need a CV or anything, your blog becomes the best CV possible.

3. Share free articles and advice

“Free” is the most attractive word in the English language. People simply can’t resist receiving something free, even if they don’t need it.

The exact advice you can send depends on the niche you’re in. You can pick your target, look around at what they’re doing, and send them a simple email containing some tips on how things can be improved.

4. Share your contact to reach out you

On the internet, you have probably had some online friends or business partners who can help you get things going. sending them an email noting that you’re now taking new freelance clients, that is enough to get you a new project.

When you send email to take care of, don’t make it a “hire me” mail. Focus on providing some info about your services. This will enable your contact to send such a message further to their own contacts.

5. Tips to respond to job offers

Don’t forget to mention your website and all the articles you have published on the internet. Once someone sees that you’re a popular writer with publications on some major sites they no longer need a traditional CV.

It is the very important thing that how you reply back to the job offer. Must reply with the free offer like  I offer 30% of my articles for free, just for the purposes of brand building and spreading the word around.

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