These Are The Great Features Of Gmail, Have You Ever Used It

By | January 8, 2018

Nowadays, in the era of the digital age, work is done all over the Internet. In this article, I have prepared the list of Great Features Of Gmail. Gmail constantly updates itself according to the demands of time. In this order, know some of the great gimmicks of Gmail that will work for you. Almost every person uses Gmail, who is a student or an office worker.

Great Features Gmail

Below Are The Amazing Feature of Gmail, Must Use It

1. Colorful Stars

For Colorful Stars, you will find a Star section when you scroll down the screen and go to Settings. In this star section, you can choose the color of the opiate choice. While working in GMail, you want to see the color of your choice on the screen, then with this feature named Colorful Stars, you can put a color of your choice.

2. Add other Account

If you have multiple email accounts such as Outlook, Yahoo, Office 365, then you can see them in one place via Gmail’s Add other accounts.

3. Search Properly

For Search Properly, you have to go to the top of the search bar and click on the arrow mark. Here you will find all the options. If you want to find an old match in your mail then this feature will be of great help to you.

4. Block annoying people

If you do not want to receive the mail of a particular person, then you can block it from it.

5. Unsend Messages

You need to enable the UNDO SEND button by going to GMail for Unsend Messages but after sending the wrong mail you will have to send the UNDO within maximum 30 seconds, then the mail sent to that wrong address cannot be deleted. If you accidentally sent an incorrect e-mail to the Unsend Messages feature, you can set it so that mail does not reach the unwanted receiver.

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