How To Verify An Email Address

By | March 29, 2018

Today I am going to share the article about email address so you can verify if a given email address is real or fake. The obvious solution is that you send a test mail to that email address and if your message doesn’t bounce, it is safe to assume that the address is real.

You Can Ping An Email Address to Validate it

For example, when you send an email to, the mail server will try to find the MX records for the domain. If the records exist, the next step would be to determine whether that email username (ABC in our example) exists or not.

Using the above logic, we can verify an email address from the computer without actually sending an email message to the sender.

For example, we want to verify address exists or not?

Step 1: Enable telnet in Windows computer or if you are on a Mac, open the iTerm app.

Step 2: For enable Telnet:

  • Go to Control Panel – > Programs and Features.
  • Click Turn Windows Features on or off.

Window feature on or off

  • Enable Telnet Client and click OK.

Enable Telnet

Step 3: Open the command prompt, type the nslookup command(nslookup –type=mx on command prompt and press enter.

nslookup command

This nslookup command will query name servers for that domain. Since we have specified the type as MX, our command will extract and list the MX records of the email domain.

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