Good News! Gmail will be Logged Without Password

By | April 13, 2018

Managing passwords has become very difficult and important among the cases of a data breach that are constantly coming up. Meanwhile, the W3C Web has prepared an API that will get rid of the hassle of the password, as well as it also promises free authentication. By the way, it is easy to manage these passwords on a mobile phone because in the phone you only have to set the password, but when it comes to the browser, it becomes a bit difficult to manage.

Gmail Login Without Password

W3C CEO Jeff Jafey said, “WebAuthn will make reaching people’s web browser easier. Through WebAuthn’s Multi-Factor Solutions, we are ending the problem of this weaker link.” Let us know for information that the W3C World Wide Web Consortium is an organization that is known worldwide (WWW) world wide web domain Drives the address system

These new systems will work

In the coming months, when the API is live, users who sign on any site will receive a prompt on their smartphone and will ask for registration from the user. After this, the user will need authentication gestures, such as biometric impressions. It can be a PIN or fingerprint so that it will link to the account. After this, the user has to enter the same gesture related site for authentication. This new WebAuthn API will be activated by default for upcoming Chrome 67 and Firefox 60 updates. So this way Gmail will be Logged Without Password

This will also prevent you from fishing attacks

In the future, popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Edge will support this new Web Authentication API. WebAuthn claims to have a simple and easy way to sign up on the site. Rather than using standard usernames and password authentication. It also eliminates the need for the password as well as eliminating phishing like phishing. With this new API, users will be able to register using their biometrics such as fingerprint, facial recognition and retina scanning (IRIS).

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