Tips: If You Not Good Writer Then Also Write Very Informative Blog Post

By | June 19, 2018

If the deadline given to you to submit the article is fast approaching then you’re still fighting to start putting words down and you are already ending stage of the post. Before start writing, you need confidence in your self and you see yourself transforming from a confident expert into a self-conscious amateur.

Write Very Informativ Blog Posts

Always write meaningful because if you thought of sitting down for hours and writing something that I didn’t even know, then it is meaningless and no one will read your article. When I start writing then I thing on topic. If you will not think about the topic and start writing then your writing will be meaningless.

I know everyone new blogger primary problem is not writing and it is fear. Every new blogger feared to make mistakes. They feared that what they wrote would sound stupid to the reader, and most of all, they feared that they would not be worthy enough to be called a writer.

Your Fear Will Harm You, Never Fear During Writing

One single piece of advice will help you to remove your fear of writing is, Do not make more complex writing, remove unnecessary words to impress the reader. Do not think much more but little thinking is necessary. I could just be myself, relax, and write exactly what was on my mind. It’s meant to help fear that prevents you from being a more productive and engaging writer.

Guideline to Write Informative Blog Post

1. Write the post like you chat with your best friend

Interactive writing is great for the writer and the reader. Hence it means you are explaining anything to a friend who is sitting with you. Always try to explain this topic best way to them. Simply close your eyes and imagine yourself taking with your friend. As you do this, jot down the interaction. That’s all there is to it.

When you are doing conversation, take care of the below point:

  • How can you introduce the subject?
  • What questions might they ask?
  • Which type of words and sentence do you want to use to explain the topic?
  • What type of real-life example do you want to say to them to explain the topic?
  • How you make the story more readable?

2. Write Using Confidence and Relax

You need naturally inject a little personality into your writing like you are speaking with someone else. Always try to write easily English and write in your own voice should be straightforward. and in a tone that makes you sound more like a human than a textbook. After that, you need to mix that story and you have the makings of an irresistible piece of copy.

Stick to the topic at hand and let the words come naturally. Always try to make the post-natural. Never say anything that is not true, relevant, or unnecessary to the conversation.

3. Always use the language that you use in your daily life

Best Rule For Writing: If your average reader would reach for a dictionary to understand a word, then you need to change that word.

Keep your writing very clear and simple without using artificially magnified language. You’ll be more inspired to use regular, everyday words that you would usually use in general discussion. Try to write the way that way you speak. Do not add the more complex word and confusing language that makes your readers roll their eyes in disappointment.

4. Never use rules for writing the post, throw rule and just write

Always take care of writing styles, passive/active voice, punctuation, and proper grammar is contributing to your insecurities about writing. Focus more on writing down the major points of your idea in your first draft, You need to forget everything you know about “how to write well”. And don’t worry about any other thing right now.

The editing stage is where you need to focus on the nuts and bolts of the piece. Notice any errors? Once you’ve made those corrections, You will probably see some things that need to be re-edited. Now is the time to go and do that.

5. Read your written article again

Once you completed writing your post, you need to read your written article once again. When you “write the way you speak”, your words should sound just as natural coming out as they did going in. When you’re doing this, every awkward sentence and piece of bad grammar will become apparent.

After writing your article when you read it, you pay attention to those places that seem to trip you up and leave you confused. So you need some extra attention to those.

After reading the article if you feel some sentence or paragraph doesn’t sound well, you need to rewrite it again until it flows properly.

Always Try To Write The Way You Speak

If you want to become an excellent writer then you need to write like as you speak. Just learn to write the way you speak, and you’ll be able to dish out your first draft effortlessly.

This same writing skill help for many bloggers, and I’m convinced it’ll equally work for you if you practice it.

Here same when your professor learn you some boring topic and you want to leave the classroom. So I suggest you that you must learn the boring topic in an easy way so no one wan to leave your blog post.

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