Advantage of Web Push Notification Tools for Bloggers

By | June 19, 2018

Every mobile phone app has some kind of messaging system that called push notification. Those who use apps like Facebook and WhatsApp are already accustomed to these kinds of messages. If you are not using push notifications on your website/blog, then you are missing out on a lot.

Web Push Notification For Bloggers

Push notification technology has been used by many enterprises, and this simple, little thing has contributed a lot to the growth of the business. This technology is now available for bloggers and small business owners to use for their blogs and websites.

How do web push notifications Tools work?

In the market, there are many online services that offer push notification marketing technology like both free and paid services. Most of them also offer WordPress plugins that make it easy for bloggers and entrepreneurs. After the initial configuration, push notifications are sent automatically when you publish your post.

Using Web push notifications enable you to send clickable messages to your subscribers’ browsers. They work on an opt-in/opt-out basis so users can click to subscribe, and they can adjust their browser’s settings to unsubscribe. Using the WordPress platform to make the most out of web push notifications.

Reason to use web push notifications Tools

Web Push notification will do the same thing as you do in email marketing. Just like how email marketing helps you convert first-time visitors into subscribers for repeat traffic the same thing will happen in the web push notification.

1. Easy to convert visitors into subscribers

 It is your big mistakes if you are converting your traffic into the regular subscriber. You have an opportunity to make visitor regularly when you publish the new post, using first-time visitors to subscribe to your blog via push notifications, email.

When you do this then it will help you to constantly increase your traffic with repeat visits. Using web push notification top blogs will get high-level repeat traffic.

2. Push notifications can drive real-time traffic

This is real time and you can easy to reach out to your readers in real-time. The more powerful your brand will become in terms of the viral effect it can have.

When you publish a very time-consuming blog post then you need to see it, people, as soon as possible. Only push notifications allow you to get the word out quickly and efficiently.

Below is the practical example of real-time push notification:

  • Promote a time-sensitive discount/offer/deal.
  • Give exposure to your latest social media updates.
  • You can promote your live video.

3. Easy to show your brand uniqueness.

Using push notification your subscribers see your most important content. The sooner you start using it, the sooner you will reap the benefits of this powerful marketing technique. There is no doubt that this is an effective piece of technology for driving traffic to a blog or website.

Top service providers for Push notification 

Many push notification service providers offer free services for the initial few thousand subscribers and then charge you when you reach a certain number.

The best thing about this technology is that, in addition to paid packages, it also comes in free packages.

Below is the list of all the popular services below:

This one little technique will help you instantly get more traffic. You can pick any of the services above and start using push notifications today.

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