WhatsApp Will Soon Update New Feature: You Can Change Icon of App

By | March 17, 2018

WhatsApp has added a new Adaptive Icon feature to its new beta version. Now you can change the watts app icon on your phone according to your choice. This new feature has been added to the new beta version 2.18.74 of WhatsApp. WhatsApp has given its users five different Icon options.

WhatsApp Icon

The latest WhatsApp beta update will allow you to change the icon shape to a square, rounded square, circle, squircle, and a teardrop Technically, the icon of WhatsApp will not change in terms of design but layout.

The adaptive launcher essentially lets you change the icon style to match with the rest of the home screen icons. Icon’s background is kept as green as before. The updated WhatsApp’s icons will be the same but can be resized. The only benefit of Adaptive Icons can be to carry Android users.

If you want to test out the adaptive WhatsApp icon, you can join the official program and install the beta version from Play Store. You will be required to use a compatible launcher with support for adaptive icons to test out the feature. Normally, the default launchers on smartphones mostly don’t allow changing the icons, so you may need to install a third-party app launcher such as Nova Launcher, Microsoft Launcher to use this feature.

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