Smartphone Security Guide: Easy Ways To Keep Mobile Data Safe

By | March 10, 2018

Today we are going to make aware of losing data on the mobile phone. You need to take care of your personal mobile data. This is exactly what we plan to show you in this article: an essential list of things that you can do right now in order to provide security to your smartphone and data safe.

Mobile Data Safe

Below Are Some Guideline Using That You Can Make Secure Your Mobile Data

If you do not need WiFi and Bluetooth then turn off this setting

If you do not use Bluetooth, WiFi on your phone then keep all these features off because anyone can steal your phone’s data with the help of these services.

Add the number lock on your phone’s screen

If you save the necessary data on your phone, keep the number lock in it so that an unidentified person can access your personal photos and data. Each phone’s setting has a feature locking number, whether it is a feature phone or a smartphone so it is possible on every phone to add number lock on it.

It’s also essential that you enforce automatic wiping of the device after 10 failed login attempts.

Do not Download Pirated Apps

Always use official app stores to download and install an app. Third party apps usually carry malware that will harm your smartphone. Disable the option to allow installation of third-party apps. Because the application may send all the data to any other number.

Be careful with that web browsing

Blocking pop-ups will also help – you can easily do that from the browser settings. For Chrome, for example, you just have to go to Settings -> Site Settings -> Pop-ups -> and make sure it’s on Blocked. This will also help you reduce the data you consume.

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