10 Best Self Hosted RSS Feed Reader

By | December 22, 2018

There are a lot of feed readers in the market but in this article, I have listed the best 10 best self-hosted RSS feed reader among them. We know the social media and other tools want to feed readers for RSS, Atom, and other syndication formats.

RSS Feed Reader

List of 10 Best Self Hosted RSS Feed Reader

1. Miniflux

Miniflux is the best minimalist web-based RSS reader. It is built for simple and efficient design. But lightweight doesn’t mean void of features; It is responsive design looks good across any device. They provide an API interface, multiple languages, bookmark pinning, and more.

Try Miniflux: Click Here

2. Tiny Tiny RSS

Without including Tiny Tiny RSS this list will be incomplete. It’s among the most popular self-hosted web-based readers. This RSS has many features like keyboard shortcuts, an infrastructure for plug-ins, sharing features, OPML import and export, a themeable interface, filtering capabilities, and lots more. Tiny Tiny RSS also hosts an official Android client.

Try Tiny Tiny RSS: Click Here

3. Feedbin

The primary goal of Feedbin is to provide a great reading experience. By combining RSS, Twitter, and newsletters, you can get all the good parts of the Web in one convenient location. There are no ads, no distractions. Just the content you care about. Feedbin is the best way to consume content on the Web.

Try Feedbin: Click Here

4. FreshRSS

FreshRSS is a free self-hosted RSS feed reader. This is actually an open source RSS feed aggregator which you can run locally on your PC or host it on a server. Read your RSS feeds on your mobile without requiring any third-party application. You can make the backup of all the feeds by exporting them to an OPML file. You can browse through all your feeds, read them, and mark important feeds as favorite to read them later.

Try FreshRSS: Click Here

5. NewsBlur

NewsBlur is a personal news reader that brings people together to talk about the world. NewsBlur is free on the web, iPad, iPhone, and Android. By subscribing to a premium account, you support a growing service and unlock a few restrictions.

Try NewsBlur: Click Here

6. FeedHQ

FeedHQ is a web-based feed reader. FeedHQ’s source code is freely available on GitHub. FeedHQ.org is a hosted service giving people access to a user account for the price of twelve dollars per year.

Try FeedHQ: Click Here

7. CommaFeed

CommaFeed is a free and open source feed reader. It has a clean responsive design supporting desktop, tablet and mobile browser. It is a web application which can be self-hosted on a web server. It supports right-to-left feeds.

Try CommaFeed: Click Here

8. Elfeed

Elfeed is an extensible web feed reader for Emacs, supporting both Atom and RSS. Elfeed will prefer it to Emacs’ own URL-fetching mechanism, URL-retrieve. Elfeed is broken into multiple source files, so if you manually install it you will need to add the Elfeed package directory to your load-path. If installed via package.el or el-get, this will be done automatically.

Try Elfeed: Click Here

9. RSS2EMail

Rss2email is an open-source program that can send RSS feed update to your email address. RSS feed is a great way to keep updated with blogs and websites. Rss2emaill is a simple program which you can run in your crontab. It watches RSS feeds and sends you a nicely formatted email message for each new item.

Try Rss2email: Click Here

10. KrISS feed

KrISS feed is a simple and smart feed reader. Easy to personalize. You can add the favicon to feeds. You can keep items as starred. Provide a list or expanded the view for more understanding.

Try KrISS feed: Click Here

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