List of Mac vs. PC Pros and Cons

By | December 30, 2018

It is very tough to decide which platform you need to buy a Mac or PC. Here both platforms have different advantages and disadvantages. This all things depend on external factors, for example, what other devices you own and what kind of software you use. Like if you are using a Windows Phone, an Xbox One and all the other computers in your home are Windows PCs then you can buy PCs because it might be more convenient for you. And if you are using an iPad, an iPhone, and an Apple TV then you can buy Mac.

Mac vs PC

Also if you use both environment Windows and Mac devices then it’s pretty easy to share data across devices. Now it is very easy to access Mac files from a Windows PC and vice versa. Ever if you are new to Mac OS then also ou can easy to user Mac OS because OS X has an equivalent for pretty much every feature in Windows.

List of Mac vs. PC Pros and Cons

Mac Advantage Versus Windows Disadvantage

  • BootCamp is the built-in program in Mac OS which allows you to install Windows, Linux or other operating systems. It’s also super easy to switch between the two operating systems. Compare to Windows OS it is very easy to set up the dual system in OS X is infinitely easier.
  • In terms of software, Macs work better with other Apple products like iMessage, Handoff, Find My iPhone, iCloud, iCloud Photo Library, iCloud Drive, iCloud Keychain, etc. In Microsoft tried this thing but only partially.
  • Compare to Windows, Macs are less complicated and more intuitive to use.
  • Apple provide best customer support, they give AppleCare warranty programs, and they have Apple Stores where you can take your Mac or other Apple products for repairs.
  • Mac computers have pre-installed software, but only from Apple and they don’t slow down your system. And all other new PCs come installed with lots of other software from PC manufacturers, which requires manual removal. If you are technically good then this is a non-issue, otherwise, it can be a major nuisance.
  • Mac also holds their resale value far better than PCs but Macs are more expensive than PCs.
  • Mac provides a high-quality machine. Also, it can be true for PCs but so many manufacturers, and configurations, getting the best quality can be more difficult.
  • Macs are more innovative in design and features. Like Macs include USB Type C ports, Thunderbolt, multi-touch trackpads, keyboard backlighting, force touch, and more.
  • Windows cannot read Mac formatted drives unless you install a third-party program but Macs can read NTFS or FAT formatted hard drives.

PC Advantage Versus Mac Disadvantage

  • You have a huge selection of devices with a wide variation in prices because PCs are manufactured by many different companies. With Apple, you have only a few choices with set prices.
  • You can easy to up-gradable and configurable PCs. On Macs, you can usually only upgrade the RAM or hard drive and that’s it.
  • More software available for Windows. There is usually an equivalent Mac program for every Windows app, but they are not always as good.
  • For gaming, PCs are the absolute best option. Macs simply do not come with powerful graphics cards.
  • Windows-based PCs may have greater backward compatibility because a five-year-old PC can easily run Windows 10 without any issue and a five-year-old Mac can run the latest version of OS X.
  • When we think about accessories, you have lots of option for PCs and those options are usually cheaper.
  • Some newer Apple machines don’t even come with CD/DVD drives. PCs can be configured with hardware.

Above are the best advantages and disadvantages for Mac and PCs. Here in this article, we are not saying one platform is better than the other because that is simply not true. If you are a college student and the only thing that matters to you is your budget, then a Mac will probably not be the best choice. Just about everyone has used Windows, so you pretty much know what you are getting in terms of software.

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