Important Things You Must Know About Reliance JioPhone

By | October 28, 2017

If your JioPhone is also given to you, then today we will tell you 5 things that are very important to you. Delivery of JIOPhone started on September 24.


Things Related to Reliance Jiophone

Use as a favorite language

Different languages are spoken in India, 22 languages have been supported on the phone for the convenience of customers. You can also use your JioPhone in English, Hindi, Bangla and many other languages. To get people to know about you, to change JioPhone’s language to your preferred language, first go to settings, then click on the personalization option, after which you will have a language option show. After clicking on this option, you will get the option to choose your preferred language.

How to place a password?

For any reason, if someone uses your phone, you are often annoyed, so today we will tell you how to put a password in your JioPhone? First go to settings, here you will see the privacy and security options. Here you will find the option to enable screen lock. You can set a 4-digit password here.

In such a way, import the service number in JioPhone in GMail

If you want to copy contacts from Google Account to JIOPhone, then first click on contact for it, after the contact list opens, you will have a setting option show on the right. Scroll After Clicking on the Options Option You will see the Import Contacts option. After clicking on the Gmail option, you enter the Gmail ID and password. After entering the ID and password, you will need to give permission to the operating system (OS) to access Gmail. After just doing so much more, you will already be able to see secure contacts in Gmail in Gmail forever.

Whenever customers buy a new phone, they have a question about how they can import their contact number into a new phone, even if you are searching for a way to import a contact number in your JIOPhone. For people’s information, let’s tell that JioPhone only supports Jio SIM. If you have a number of names in the Jio SIM, then you can easily copy the numbers to the phone but if you were using the smartphone earlier and your contact is secure in Google or Microsoft account then it would be difficult to import them.

File Transfer via USB Cable

In Smart Phone, we transfer all files to USB, then we can usually transfer the file from another device with the help of a USB cable in the smartphone. But the feature of transferring a USB file to Jio Phone is not pre-activated by default. This option has to be activated or on. You are going through this question about how you can activate this feature, first, you have to go to settings, then go to the storage option, here you will have a USB storage option show. After clicking on this option you will have to click on the option to enable.

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