Ping List for Fast Indexing of WordPress Posts

By | February 10, 2020

Today I am going to share one such thing with you in this article which can prove to be very useful and beneficial for your blog. We have prepared for you such a WordPress Ping list, which if you submit in the ping settings of your WordPress Blog, the chances of faster indexing of your posts will increase.

Ping List Fast Indexing

How do you index Search Engines Blog Posts?

Before we know about Ping List, first you have to understand the process by which search engines fetch and index your blog post. Google and all other search engines crawl all websites and blogs posts or other pages of the Internet with the help of web spiders. Web Spiders is basically a name for the technology that is used to fetch these pages. Google and other search engines sometimes send these web spiders to fetch pages on your blog. Now sometimes it may be possible to send their web spiders to the blog, at different speeds for different blogs and websites. For very large and popular blogs, perhaps they send search engines in bots or spiders every 10 minutes, or on blogs with very less popularity, they may send them only once in 10 days.

Now it depends how much your blog has access to the rest of the Internet. When Search Engine bots and spiders fetch a single webpage, it also fetches web pages that are redirected to subsequent hypelinks. In this way, spiders crawl through these links by following these links across the pages of the internet.

Now suppose there are 100 blogs, which are well-internally-linked among themselves. Now on some of these blogs, the bots come from very high frequency and at some very little. But due to internal link, overall the search engine fetches all the blogs soon. In this way blogs that have more and better quality back links rank quickly.

WordPress Ping List

How does wordpress ping functionality work?

WordPress’s ping functionality sends a ping to many such ping based websites when you publish a new blog post. Basically, it is like telling different websites and search engines that you have published a new blog post.

When your blog ping the websites of the Ping list, then basically you tell some part of the internet that you have published a new blog post. So when search engines crawl that part of internet, chances are increased that by crawl your blog post, index it soon.

By Default, WordPress automatically notifies all major ping services, whenever you publish a new post, but we can always improve this functionality by manually adding some new ping services on our behalf.

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