Important Things to Know Before Joining Affiliate Program

By | February 1, 2020

There are many ways to connect with an affiliate program, either from their in-house affiliate program ie your own affiliate program or affiliate marketplace (here many affiliate programs are on the same platform) for example ImpactRadius, ShareASale , Commission Junction, etc.

There are other things that any new affiliate marketer should check before joining any affiliate program, but the most important 4 key points must be focused so that you do not get caught in any deception and trap, keep in mind that you Get paid and met on time.

Joining Affiliate Program

4 Things Which You Should Take Care of Before Joining an Affiliate Program

1. Method of Payout

Suppose you promote a product and you have Rs. 10,000, but how did you feel if you did not get that income?

Following are some ways through which you can get paid for your earnings from affiliate marketing-

  • Payoneer
  • Paypal
  • Check
  • Direct bank deposit

If there is no acceptable payout method for your country, you can talk to the affiliate network manager or use the program contact form and he can request if he can help you in this matter.

Make sure that affiliate network and program has an acceptable payout method for your country. The reason for this is that there is no acceptable payout method for your own country in that program.

2. Minimum Payout

If you have not yet earned the minimum payout, then you will not be paid. Many marketers work very hard and spend a lot of money for promotions but they are unable to earn, then they feel that they have been cheated.

There are some exceptions, but many have a payout threshold of $ 50. This is the most common and the main reason that many new affiliate marketers leave affiliate marketing. Most affiliate programs have a minimum payout threshold of $ 50, that is, when you earn at least $ 50, you can withdraw that money. It is the fault of the marketers, because they never check the minimum payout before joining the affiliate program.

3 Product / Network Reputation

Many new and independent affiliate programs offer large commission offers, but in the end this process ends without paying. New companies / individuals are not afraid of losing anything so they do not mind bad reviews. According to me, it is the fault of the affiliate marketer. They do not check their reputation before joining any affiliate network/program.

If you want to know the opinion of the people about affiliate marketing, then you will get many types of answers. The reason for this difference is that many people have earned crores from it and some people have cheated.

Therefore, if you want to earn safely, then before joining any affiliate program, please check its reputation.

4 Length of Cookie

How funny is it? All this is possible due to long cookie length but there are some exceptions as well. Any cookie length is 40-80 days when a user clicks on your affiliate link. The best thing about these programs is that if a user buys another product from the website of the same company instead of the one you are promoting, you still get commission.

My job is to reach them and if a user buys through my affiliate link even after several days, I will still get commission. Like I said earlier that some reputed networks do not do such work and you will not have any such problem in connecting and earning from them.

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