How To Make Money With Flipkart Affiliate Program?

By | February 10, 2020

As you all will know, Flipkart is the most popular shopping site in India, where you can buy almost every common life item. Today we will learn more about the Flipkart Affiliate Program. First of all, we will know how to join this Affiliate Program and then we will know how you can get the most out of the Flipkart Affiliate Program.

Just as many companies choose the path of Affiliate Marketing to promote their products or to sell more, Flipkart also offers a free Affiliate Program for the products sold by their website which anyone Can join very easily.

How to join Flipkart Affiliate Program?

It is very easy to join the Flipkart Affiliate Program. All you have to do for this program is signup, and then you become a member of this program. Follow the steps given below to signup the Flipkart Affiliate Program.

Step 1: Click on this link and the homepage of the Flipkart Affiliate Program will be opened in front of you.


Step 2: After that click on the button “Join Now For Free”. After this, the page of the Register will be open in front of you.

Flipkart Affiliate Program Register

Step 3: Enter your email address and choose your password. After accepting their terms and conditions, click on the Register Me button.

That’s it, you are now a member of the Flipkart Affiliate Program. After that, now it comes to how to start making money from this program.

Apart from this, a special feature of the Flipkart Affiliate Program is that you can also promote the mobile app of Flipkart and if you install any app by clicking your affiliate link, then you get a commision for it.

The Flipkart Affiliate Program also works like all other Affiliate Program. You can create a unique affiliate URL for any product available on Flipkart or you can also put their banners on your website.

Overview of the Flipkart Affiliate Program Dashboard

In the screenshot shown below in the screenshot shown below, you can enter the URL of any product of Flipkart and create its Affiliate Link.

Under the Flipkart Affiliate Program, promotional tools are available as mentioned below.

  • Bookmark Widget
  • Promotional Widgets
  • Promotional Banners
  • Product Links and Banners

Along with all this, you can have complete control over your Flipkart Affiliate Program, for which you get all the major options in its menu itself.

We have learned about the dashboard of Flipkart Affiliate Program, you will know in detail only when you will use it yourself. Let us now know how you can start earning money from Flipkart’s Affiliate Program.

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