Freshping: Free Websites for Performance Monitoring

By | September 26, 2018

The Freshping is used to check the uptime monitoring service that allows you to check 50 URLs free. Also, it is the free websites for Performance Monitoring. This will help you to identify any technical fault on the server if there are any. In the free version, it allows you to choose a location from 10 different ones and you can also create the status page as well. It will check a website for its availability after 1 minute of the interval. If the host is not responding then you will get an email alert.


The free plan gives you 5 free status pages that you can create for any of your websites.  It keeps checking the website uptime and shows you a graph for that as well. It makes the list of all the downtime instants and then you can analyze them along with the response code. You can analyze the graph to see the uptime availability and downtime. Other free website uptime monitoring service is available but they don’t offer you 1-minute intervals and multiple ping location.

Using Freshping to Monitor Uptime of Multiple Websites

You just need to add different monitors and then they will take care of the rest. One more thing if you have used any other uptime monitoring service then you can easily use this monitoring tool. Below are the simple steps to get started using Freshping for your website:

Step 1: Create a free account on the homepage of Freshping.

Step 2: Add Monitoring. Once you add monitoring, you can see the status of your websites right on the dashboard.

From the dashboard, you can add multiple monitors. While adding a monitor, it asks you to enter the details like URL of the websites, name, and a ping location to test it from. Once you add the URL of your websites, next it will start monitoring them. You will the mail notification if one of your websites goes down.

The Freshping is All-in-one uptime monitoring suite

  • Instant downtime alert: The Freshping monitors your website every minute & notifies instantly if your website goes down.
  • Multi-Channel notification: Slack, Twilio, Email & more. Wherever you are, receive downtime alerts on the go.
  • Free Public status pages: Communicate status of your web service & incidents with your customers in real time.
  • 10 Global locations: Understand your website’s status and response time for customers located across the globe.
  • Multi-user login: Ensure business is as usual with your colleagues. With Multi-user login, 30 users can receive instant downtime alerts & weekly reports.

I think the best function of this websites is you can monitor multiple websites with the 1-minute interval. In this way, you can use this free website uptime monitoring service. It is easy to analyze the hosting or the server misconfiguration errors quickly.

I have used many uptime monitoring services but the Freshping is one of the best uptime monitoring service. If you own multiple websites then you can monitor them all for their uptime.

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