Steps to Setup Custom Domain on Blogger Platform for GoDaddy Domain

By | November 12, 2017

In this article, I have given details about how to set up the custom domain on Blogger Platform for GoDaddy Domain. Custom domain setup in is used to create your own blog URL. (for example: from to When you purchase a domain from, they assign an IP address (A record and CNAME record) for the domain. Hence, you need to change those records to point to your blog. This post can help you to change the A and CNAME records of your Godaddy account. Custom domain is the very good option compared to the free domain.


Steps to Setup Custom Domain on BlogSpot for GoDaddy Domain

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Buy a domain name from Domain name is not free its cost around $10 to $12. And it is not necessary to buy hosting or website builder package from to add the custom domain on blogger. Just purchase domain name only.

Step 3: Click on domains menu and its submenu All Domains. After that select your domain.

domain list

Step 4: Click on DNS Zone File tab and then after clicking on Add Record. After clicking on Add Record one popup will appear. From that popup select CNAME(Alias) as a record type.

Step 5: Fill all field for Add Zone Record according to below image.

cname guide

Following details used to fill Add Zone Record:

Record Type: CNAME

Host: www

Points to:

TTL: 1 hour

Step 6: Now we have to create the following four records in a similar fashion in  Add Zone Record:

SI# Record Type Host Points to TTL
1 A @ 1 Hour
2 A @ 1 Hour
3 A @ 1 Hour
4 A @ 1 Hour

After adding four entry then close the dialog box and click on Save Changes Button.

Steps to Publishing BlogSpot Blog Custom Domain

Now we will configure the Blogger blog to publish itself to the new Custom Domain name.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Login to your blogger account and navigate to setting > Basic > and click on the setup a third party URL for your blog link

Step 3: Click on Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog and enter your URL name that we have to buy from

third party domain name

Step 4: Click on the save button. Now all is done. you have created the third-party domain for blogger.

Note: If you get an error during saving like “We have not been able to verify your authority in this domain. Error 12“. This error occur if you have entered some wrong detail during configuration of So back to GoDaddy account and check all the information you have entered is current or not.

Below is the list of Best Domain Name Registration and Hosting Company

  1. Namecheap: They will provide you the domain at a receptive cost, free domain service, and WHOIS protection.
  2. BlueHost: If you want to start an online business then Bluehost is the best option. If you want to register the hosting domain with the hosting parches then the BlueHost will fit the best for you.
  3. GoDaddy: It registers the world’s largest domain name and gives a large number of services to the site, such as eCommerce sites. This gives you both domain registrations and hosting services, so you do not have to go further.
  4. Hover: Hover was launched in 2009. Hover is essentially a merger of three big players in the domain registrar space.
  5. Gandi
  6. DreamHost
  8. 1and1
  9. Network Solutions
  10. Flippa (Bonus)
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