WhatsApp User? Warning for Mods, WhatsApp Modified Apps Are Not Safe

By | August 12, 2020

When you download WhatsApp mods you are putting yourself at privacy risk. WhatsApp officially bans mod apps and they ban your account if you use the mod apps. WhatsApp is not a fan of these mods and has banned users from using them in the past. In short WhatsApp, Modified apps are not safe to use.


Many people are using different types of WhatsApp Mods on their smartphones, those apps have been very customized and have more features, but such WhatsApp Mods Apps are not official and not secure. I’m talking about WhatsApp Mods like GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus, and any other mods app which are available on the web, not on Google Play.

What is a WhatsApp Mod?

If you install the unofficial modified Whatsapp APK on your device, it will not be overwritten on the official application. This is an unofficial version of WhatsApp that attracts users by promising them features that are not in the official WhatsApp application. In fact, WhatsApp Mods are modified versions of the WhatsApp application owned by Meta Platforms, Inc. But they are not stable and some malicious actors spread malware through them. ‘Mod’ means modified.

Risks of Using WhatsApp Modified (Mod) App

1. Your Message Is Not Secure

Whatsapp mod applications have sent and received your message through the official WhatsApp server, similar to the official app, there is no guarantee that no third person will read your message. There are chances that the personal messages which you are sharing with your family or friends are not passing through the third-party servers.

So never share any personal information like banking credentials, passwords, or any other detail when you are using WhatsApp Mods.

2. WhatsApp Mods are Harmful to Your Device

WhatsApp Mods are more inclined to inject virus-like Malware and Spyware because of the less secured hosted servers. If you use such an application, you will be responsible for your privacy leakage. These viruses can cause damage to your data, and only you will be responsible for any problem caused by using WhatsApp Mods.

3. Mod App is not available in any Official App Store

WhatsApp mods are unofficial, they are not strictly permitted in the Google Play Store, so those modified applications can not be updated through Google Play. It means that they are available on the web instead of the Google Play Store. Which makes it difficult to update your app.

4. The Official Version WhatsApp Can Ban You Anytime

WhatsApp has restricted users from using their modified unauthorized version of the app so the official version of WhatsApp can ban you anytime if you are caught using the WhatsApp Mods. Official WhatsApp has been confined from using the WhatsApp Mods. The official support page says, “WhatsApp Plus is not an official version, and it can prevent you from using the service”. If you are restricted, please install an official version from Google Play or Whatsapp.com and after 24 hours you will be able to use the service.

5. WhatsApp Mod Developers May Include Ads

According to the official document, WhatsApp Messenger is absolutely free (and always). It is not a guarantee that the unofficial WhatsApp app will be ad-free forever, just like the official version. In order to generate revenue, unauthorized developers may include ads in their modified apps at any time.


So friends now you can decide to use the WhatsApp Mod app or not. According to me if you use the WhatsApp mods app then your data will be at risk. But if you want more features and data security is not your concern then you can go with the mods app at your own risk. It would be better if you think about its consequences.

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