Best 4 Ads Network For Publisher to Use With AdSense

By | December 20, 2018

Google Adsense is the best Ads network and it is the first choice of any online publisher to monetize his/her blog since its initial release in 2003. They provide efficient and reliable for increase revenue for any site but if you have good traffic then you can use other ads network alongside with Google Adsense to increase your income source and that are easy to implement and work well with AdSense. AdSense is very popular because they offer the best option out there for bloggers and publishers, they offer the deepest roster of advertisers, first-class technology, and usually RPMs that beat any other network.

Ads Network Use AdSense

They offer many types of ads unit that can be used on any one page. Below, I have highlighted the best 4 ads network that publishers and bloggers can use alongside AdSense to increase revenue.

Best 4 Ads Networks For Publisher to Use With AdSense


In this list, is come first because they are the exclusive operator and provider of Yahoo! Bing Network’s contextual ads across the world. It functions in generally the same way as AdSense and offers many of the same options. This ad network provides standard ad sizes (e.g., 728×90, 300×250, etc.) as well as contextual link units.

Below is the reason to use Adsense with,

  1. Their contextual Ads that make complete sense.
  2. Native ads that take the form and feel of your content.
  3. Beautiful and diverse ad units that are aesthetically superior.

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#2 Taboola

Taboola is one of the oldest and largest native ad networks, enjoying a notable market share. It’s a great combination to use Taboola with AdSense. Taboola has a strong regional advertiser base globally which results in great variety in creatives and nature of the ads. The ads from Taboola are of high quality.

Below is the reason to use Adsense with Taboola,

  1. Taboola provides native advertising ads.
  2. You can maximize Your Revenue.
  3. Publishers can use Taboola to recirculate organic content, optimize homepage.

#3 Outbrain

Outbrain is a premium discovery platform that helps connect marketers to their target audience through personalized recommendations on the world’s leading publishers. They use proprietary interest and behavioral data to capture the audience’s attention all the way to inspiring their next action.

Below is the reason to use Adsense with Outbrain,

  1. Outbrain offer native advertising ads.
  2. The Outbrain algorithm uses contextual, behavioral and personal targeting. Outbrain’s algorithm determines which content within the network is relevant to individual users.

#4 Infolinks

Infolinks is a popular ad network. Infolinks provide “smart ads,” with their most common solution involving the display of ads when users hover their mouse over linked content.

Below is the reason to use Adsense with Infolinks,

  1. Placements of ads are less susceptible to banner blindness.
  2. Their ad formats including video and native in order to boost unit engagement and revenue.

Comments About Using Multiple Ads Network

More is not necessarily more. Less is not necessarily more. It takes testing. So Always try to balance ads unit because if you add more ads unit then your web page look like spammy so there are changes to banned from AdSense. I have gone through this four ads network, you can use any of one from the above list with your Adsense to increase revenue. ads perform very well in containers and below content because the ads look like navigation options.

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