Zepel is the Best Alternative of Online JIRA for Team Collaboration

By | April 8, 2020

No matter how many people you need to work on your feature, Zepel makes it a breeze to plan, collaborate across teams, and build features together. Zepel is an online Jira alternative with team collaboration and desktop widget. Everything you need to build and ship features on time. Minus the clutter. Here it comes with a lot of features that you can use to manage software or designing projects. In the free plan of Zepel, you can add up to 5 teammates and then you can simply start work on some project. Top aspects like Sprints, Kanban board, and boards for bugs tracking and dashboard for developers.


Jira by Atlassian is popular bugs and issues tracking system that helps team of developers or designers. You can create tasks with ease and assigns those to any team member. It comes with desktop client as well that you can use to track tasks assigned to you. If you have ever used any project management tool before or Jira itself then you will feel completely home with Zepel. you can use some cost effective open source Jira alternatives or you can use the hosted ones such as Zepel here. You just create a free account and then invite your teammates there.

Main Features of Zepel

Collaborate and stay on top of deadlines

Collaborate with members from any functions, handover work, and share information.

  • Assign Owners: Delegate owners to work items, so everyone knows who is responsible for each piece of your feature.
  • Set Due Dates: Set deadlines for a task and get notified when they’re due.
  • Add Estimates: Estimate how long tasks will take with points.
  • Comments: Answer questions, get clarifications and share quick updates.
  • Files and attachments: Upload files and images to add more information about any work item.
  • Rich text description: Share code snippets, links, images, and many more to give your team the full picture.

Track progress in every discipline

Track work with Boards, run Sprints, and ship features together.

  • Kanban Board: Create a board for every discipline involved in building your feature and move work across boards.
  • Sprints: Run Sprints within your project and ship bug-free features every time.
  • Search and filter: Filter by assignees, due dates, statuses, hashtags and sections so you can find items that you need and care about.
  • Pinned Cards: Pin your filtered search results so you have all the work items you care at your fingertips.

Powerful developer-specific capabilities

Streamline your entire development process using features built for the developer community.

  • Desktop Widget: View, update, complete, and track your work and active Sprints from the comfort of your desktop.
  • Integrations: Automate your development processes by integrating with Slack, GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab.
  • Public APIs: Developer-friendly public APIs to build custom workflows.

Take data informed decisions with reports

Get a quick overview of where work stands in your project.

  • Cumulative progress: Get a quick view of where tasks stand in your project.
  • Activity Feed: Get a quick overview of what is happening in your project.
  • Burn down chart: Track how much work is pending in your Sprint, remove roadblocks and course correct.
  • Burn up chart: See how many tasks your team completed in your Sprint and take next steps.

Final thoughts

Zepel is surely good alternative to Jira. If you are a startup and have just 4-5 members in your team then you can simply get started by just registering a free account. The feature set that you get in the free plan is outstanding. I am sure that it has all the features that you will need to manage bugs and issues in your software development.

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