YouTube Vs Blogging – Which Option Is Good For You?

By | February 25, 2020

Today I am going to discuss with you a very popular question often asked to me. This is YouTube Vs Blogging – Which Option Is Good For You?There are two ways to make money from YouTube and Blogging internet and to spread your message to people around the world.

Both have their different advantages. Both fields are quite broad, that is, millions of people from all over the world are involved in both fields already. The answer to this question will be different for every person. YouTube will be the best option for anyone, blogging for someone. But how do you make sure which option will be best for you.

YouTube Vs Blogging

Differences in YouTube and Blogging

The major differences between YouTube and Blogging below are given in tabular form.

You have to create the video content itself.Mostly, you have to create textual content, but if you can also create images and videos, then it is an advantage and you get its benefit.
Hosting videos on YouTube is free.In self-hosted blogs you have to bear the cost of hosting and domain.
You have to spend money for professional video recording equipment which are optional.To add good functionalities to your blog, you also have to spend on themes, services or plugins etc.
There is absolutely no need to be more technical. So it is good for non-technical people.To implement good and advanced features, you must have technical knowledge.
To make money from YouTube, blogging options are comparatively less.YouTube has comparatively much money making options in blogging.
The real owner of your channel is Google, when you can delete your channel, however, it is often only in copyright strikes.You are the real owner of your blog. You have complete control in a self-hosted blog.
The only option for advertising is Google AdSense.There are many advertising options.
YouTube is a great option to promote affiliate links. In this, you can add Affiliate links above the videos, in the comments or in the description.In blogging, you can promote affiliate links in different ways.
YouTube is better than blogging for promoting regional content and YouTube is a great option to impress people.Blog is great for both global and local content. But video content has more impact on people. And people like listening and watching more than reading.

Similarities in YouTube and Blogging

Both of you need Original Content

Both go on the strength of the content. People will come to your blog to read your articles, and to watch your videos on your YouTube channel. People will like to visit such blogs which will have many useful articles and such YouTube channel which will have lots of great videos.

Both require some small investments

However, both are free to start. You can create a free blog on Blogger and can also upload videos for free by recording video from screen recording or mobile etc. on YouTube. But if you want professionalism, then you need a self-hosted WordPress blog and invest in YouTube channel for great content, great camera, mic etc.

Both give results in the long term

Remember one thing, both things will take time, before you get any result, or else you can start earning money from them. None of these is overnight money making technique. It can take from 6 months to 1 year for Blogs and YouTube channels to give you good results.

Both are great ways to earn money and to reach people.

If you run a blog with hard work or a YouTube channel with proper techniques, then you will benefit, even in terms of money and according to popularity.

Would it be great to do both Blogging and YouTube together?

You can also do both things together. But again, two things matter, time and efforts. If you have so much time that you can do both things together and you can put all your hard work for it, then you definitely do.

Most people do not even have enough time to be able to do either blogging or YouTube in favor of their business or job. Now it completely depends on you how much you can devote yourself to this work.

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