7 Tips To Write Meaningful Headline of Your Blog Post

By | November 2, 2018

For every blogger, it is very important to write the meaningful headline of your blog post. If you ask any experienced writer, they will say you that your headline is very important to explain the topic of your post. Here it is determined the success or the failure of your blog post. I am sure your headline is attracting as many people as possible. You must think that the post title you choose for your copy is just like a newspaper headline.

Write Meaningful Headline

Guidelines To Write Meaningful Headline of Your Blog Post

1. Write More Than One Headline For Blog Post

According to me always try to write at least 3 to 4 headlines for your blog post and then select one of the best from them. It will definitely help you to write better headline because many professional bloggers and editors recommend doing this. You cannot find any perfect formula for writing perfect headline every time, so I suggest you write multiple headlines to brainstorm idea.

2. Add Specific Numbers into The Headline (preferably odd numbers)

When you add numbers in the headline than your headlines work best. Always people prefer headlines that contain numbers over other types of headlines by a significant margin.

Below is the example, which of the following headlines is more attractive?

  1. How to Grow Your Blog?
  2. 5 Easy Way To Grow Your Blog

Sure, Most of the people like the second headline from above two because the first headline is general while the second one contains a specific number so it shows the writer is reliable on the subject.

One more thing, try to use the odd number in post title because a study conducted by Hubspot found that headlines with odd numbers get 20% more clicks than headlines with even numbers.

What if your blog post title has an even number of the item? Below I have given some solution for it,

  • Make the last topic as a bonus topic.
  • Try to delete the weakest point from the list.

3. Add Positive Words

When you use the positive word in your blog post title than your headline will be more emotional. This will make a more attractive heading.

Below is some positive headline example:

  • Top
  • Most
  • Best
  • Biggest
  • Fastest
  • Perfect
  • Easiest
  • Always
  • Greatest
  • Largest
  • Hottest
  • Strongest

4. Add Negative Word to Make Attention

If you add the negative word in the title than fear will come on the reader mind which can make anyone take action on a given task.

Below is some example of the negative word:

  • Nothing
  • Never
  • None
  • Worst
  • Stop
  • Avoid

The Negative Headline Examples:

  • “Stop Doing These Silly Mistakes“
  • “Wort Argue For Not Become Successful”
  • “Never Do This On Socializing”

5. Add Hyphens and Colons, this will increase click-through rates

The Outbrain study finds that using hyphens and colons can increase click-through rates by 9% on average. When you use hyphens and colons, it will make good SEO of your blog.

Here’s an example:
Social Media Marketing: 7 Best Tools To Get More Social Traffic.

You can use another formula also. Feel free to get creative if you can think of a good headline.

6. Consider Using Questions

Another best option to add the question in your headline will increase more click rate. Questions make headline interesting and people want to know the answer to that question and read the article. Be sure your question must hard that they can not easily answer but question must be interesting.

For Example: What are the common Mistakes in Blogging?

Above example show that if you are a blogger then you must see what type of mistakes I am doing in blogging. Questions are a great way to construct headlines that get clicked.

7. Use Headline Maker Tools

If you have tried all the above method but still can’t get a thought-provoking headline, then try using some tools to help. The availability of tools on the internet has made most tasks easier and less time-consuming.

Below I have suggested some tool to generate headline:

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