WhatsApp adds protections to block invalid revoke requests for ‘delete for all’ feature

By | March 19, 2018

Facebook-owned WhatsApp recently introduced the Delete for Everyone feature which enables users to delete the messages they sent by mistake. However, last week, WhatsApp increased this time limit to 1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds. Now, it seems that the popular messaging app is planning of rolling out another feature ‘Block Revoke Request’. The company has noticed that some of the users are using the modified version of the app and are deleting their 3-year-old messages.


Its information is found on the blog of WABetaInfo tracking Whatsapp. According to WABetaInfo, many users have complained that many people are also announcing 3-year-old messages with the help of another app.

At the same time, the company has decided to bring another feature to further improve this feature. Whatsapp is now preparing to offer block revoke request i.e. this feature can be used to curb those who misuse the delete forever feature. After deleting the message after this feature, the Whatsapp will check that the message that is being deleted is 24 hours old or several years old.

If the message is 24 hours old and the user has not closed his phone within 24 hours, then the message can be deleted. This means that the ‘Delete for Everywhere’ feature will only work if it does not shut down its phone within 24 hours, then the message can be deleted. In fact, the complaints are coming that some people are sending messages and deleting it even if the message has been deliberately sent.

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