Google Assistant now in Hindi, Ask Questions

By | March 19, 2018

Google’s Artificial Intelligence-based Personal Assistant Google Assistant is now available in Hindi. American technology giant Google has previously introduced the language available in Hindi in the Hindi language. This means that you can now ask a Google Assistant in Hindi and you will get the answer in Hindi too.

Google Assitant

How to use Google Assistant in Hindi?

You do not have to download an app to download Google Assistant in Hindi but the assistant will get the option. In order to switch to Hindi on Google Assistant, there are a few steps that you need to follow. The support of Hindi in the Google Assistant is available only in the Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above versions.

Step 1: Now if you press the home button long, Google Assistant will open.
Step 2: Now, tap on the three vertical dots on the top right corner, jump to Settings from the pop-up menu.
Step 3: Scroll to the Phone setting and press on it. Now find Language menu. After that tap Google Assitant or Google Voice typing and tap on language option. You will be prompted to change the language to proceed with the language change process for Assistant. Scroll down to find Hindi and select it.
Step 4: Exit Google Assistant, and long press Home button to trigger the Google Assistant in Hindi.
Step 5: If you ask a Google Assistant at a nearby restaurant or shopping mall, you will get the answer.

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