Tips to Download Your Videos from Facebook

By | November 30, 2017

Facebook ID is also our identity in the Internet world. We communicate with our friends on this social media site. Share your thoughts and videos with your thoughts. For many, the Facebook page works in a way that works. If needed, we can refresh the memories by visiting our Facebook profile and seeing the photo and video again. Suppose you are not connected to the internet and you need a special picture and video that is present on your Facebook profile. In this way, you will become completely paralyzed. To avoid such situations, you can download and post videos and photos posted on Facebook to your computer.

Download Videos from Facebook

We recently told you how to save photos from Facebook. Now we will introduce you to the idea of downloading the video.

You can go to your profile page and then on the video page through the menu. Here you will see the option of ‘Videos of You’ and ‘Your Videos’. You choose ‘Your Videos’. Now move the mouse crusher on the thumbnail of the video to the right in the upper part. You will notice a mark that looks like a pen. Click on this mark. There are many options here, one of which is ‘download SD’. After clicking on it the video will be downloaded to your system.

We will tell you about that feature of Facebook so that you can download all your videos with one click. Yes, Facebook gives you the option to download all your data whenever you want.

First, log in to your Facebook account and then go to Settings. Now go to Settings and click on the ‘Download A Copy’ option, shown at the bottom. After this, follow the directions on Facebook. After this entire process, Facebook will provide a copy of an archive of your data.

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