In the New Feature of WhatsApp, You Will Be Able to Watch Youtube Video

By | November 30, 2017

Further, the report said, “Whatsapp is also working on a feature that allows any video to be muted directly.” Along with the new updates, two new features have also come up, one of them is watching a YouTube video during a chat and locking the recording, so that the user will not have to hold the button during the voice recording. WhatsApp has updated its app for the iPhone.


New Feature of WhatsApp, Will Be Able to Watch Youtube Video on WhatsApp

Whatsapp V 2.17.81 for iPhone is available for download via the App Store. It is worth noting that YouTube has come with Picture Picture-In-Picture (PIP) mode. That means the user will now be able to navigate by visiting another video while watching a video. And this time detailed information is also given.

Previously, when users clicked on a YouTube video link, the video was already open in the YouTube app downloaded from the smartphone.

According to the information given in the App Store, “When you get a link to a YouTube video, you can play it in WhatsApp only. With Picture-In-Picture mode, you will also be able to watch the video while navigating into another chat.

In the latest iPhone app, we could not even use built-in-player or PIP mode, but we were able to use the voice message recording lock. This update was first reported by WABetaInfo. Who said that a server-side switch may be required to enable the YouTube feature.

Whatsapp is also working on a new feature that allows users to easily switch over to a video call during a voice call.

Now with the latest updates, users can easily record long messages. According to the information given on the App Store, “Want to record long voice messages easily? When you record a voice message, swipe on the bank lock recording so you can record the recording button without holding it. ”

According to WABetaInf, in a new Android update, Whatsapp is working on a new button through which the user will be able to swiftly switch on the video call without stopping any voice call. However, the user who is making the call will be able to dismiss the incoming video call as per their convenience.

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