These Are Very Useful Computer Shortcut Keys

By | April 15, 2018

Working with the help of short commands becomes even easier. Apart from this, we can save a lot of time with the help of shortcut keys. In this way, we are going to tell you some computer shortcut keys, which will help you save yourself a lot of time.

Computer Shortcut Keys

List of most useful computer shortcut keys

Shortcut Keys for Browser 

We use the browser to use the Internet. In this way, using some shortcuts will save us time, apart from this, it will be easy to use the browser.

Ctrl + Shift + T – To close Tab that we have opened
CTRL + T  – To open A new tab
Ctrl + N – A new browser window will open with the Ctrl + N command.
CTRL + W – The CTRL + W command will close the tab you are on.
CTRL + TAB – With CTRL + TAB you will be able to easily move from one tab to another tab.

Paint Shortcut Keys

F12 – Picture from F12 can be saved in the new file.
Ctrl + N – With Ctrl + N you will be able to open a new picture
Ctrl + S – Ctrl + S changes made in the picture can be saved.
Ctrl + P – With the Ctrl + P command, you can remove the print of the picture.

MS Office Shortcut Keys

Ctrl + F2 – With Ctrl + F2 you will be able to see the print preview of the display.
Shift + F3 – Shift + F3 allows you to moderate any word from small to capitals and capital.
Ctrl + Alt + 1 – With Ctrl + Alt + 1, you can convert any text to Headline 1. Whereas Ctrl + Alt + 2 lets you convert any text to Headline 2. At the same time, the text can be changed from Heading 3 to the Ctrl + Alt + 3 command.
Ctrl + K – With the Ctrl + K command you can insert hyperlinks in any text.
Ctrl + B – With Ctrl + B, you can convert any text to bold.
With Ctrl + Shift +> – With Ctrl + Shift +> you will be able to increase the size of any text. Whereas with Ctrl + Shift + < – This command you can reduce the size of any text.

Excel Shortcuts Key

Ctrl + shift + – Users can format date and time on their worksheet by inserting desired function key along with Ctrl + Shift buttons.
Shift + F10 – The shift + F10 shortcut functions like the right-click on the mouse, opening up the menu for use.
F6 – You can switch worksheet on the currently used worksheet.
Ctrl + * – The shortcut helps in selecting the current active range in the cell with the entire data area that is enclosed by blank rows and blank columns.

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