Train Your Brain Using This Super Math Clock

By | May 26, 2019

If you are thinking the maths is complicated enough and there’s no need to make basic tasks harder, right? If you want to learn easy math then you need to buy the Albert Math Clock. It’s a clock But you need to calculate the hours and the minutes. This clever contraption doesn’t just tell you the time, it displays equations you have to solve to get the information you need.

Albert Math Clock

The Albert Clock is a digital wall clock that keeps your brain active and helps to improve the mathematical skills of you and your kids in a playful way. Simply by reading the time. For kids and adults, the Albert Clock keeps your brain active with simple mathematics.

With the Albert Clock, you’ll be constantly – in a challenging-but-fun way, we promise – using your math skills to calculate the hours and minutes of the day. No less a genius than Albert Einstein proved that time was not a constant.

Albert Math Clock Specifications

  • Very simple timeless design. Dimensions: 13.8″ wide x 5.9″ tall x 2″ thick.
  • You can do 4 levels of difficulty to challenge both kids and adults
  • Can switch between 12-hr and 24-hr formats.
  • You can tell to kids in a fun way who are learning math and keep their skills sharp
  • \Works on both 110V and 220V (adapters for 5 different countries included)
  • You can changes calculations once per minute – or once every 10 seconds for the true math wizards.
  • This clock displays mathematical equations instead of old hours and minutes.

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