Best Student Attendance Management Android Apps

By | June 16, 2019

Ever found difficulties in keeping track of your attendance? We have the solution. We know attendance is always a crucial part of academic life. Using these apps, Student Attendance can keep track of their academic attendance. Furthermore, some of these apps also have a timetable option where students can add their class timing and room number as well. They can keep an attendance record for each subject/class so they can easily know what their attendance percentage is and how many classes they can miss.

Student Attendance Management

So, let’s start the list and check out these Android apps one by one.

Here Are 5 Free Attendance Apps For Students:

Attendance Taker

This is a professional attendance taker, developed for academicians, instructors, and school teachers.

  • Easily take attendances,
  • Keep a history of all your attendances,
  • Look at statistics and weekly attendance percentage of students in graphics,
  • Get the whole attendance list in Excel format.

Download App: Click Here

TeacherKit – Class manager

Over a million educators worldwide trust TeacherKit with managing their time and activities. TeacherKit helps you organize classes and students easily. Record attendance and log behavior all with few taps. TeacherKit lifts the headache of routine administration, allowing you to focus on what really matters to you – teaching.

TeacherKit allows teachers to add and manage attendance types (ex. Tardy, Sick) providing them with desired flexibility. TeacherKit also empowers teachers to add and manage behavior types, enabling them to improve their students’ behavior actions.

Teachers are able to communicate with parents regarding their student’s performance and thus keeping the parents engaged in their students learning.

Download App: Click Here

Attendance Register (students/staff)

Attendance Register provides a simple and efficient way for students or anyone who wants to keep track of their daily attendance in various subjects/activities/jobs. Managing attendance is made easy with the help of a user-friendly calendar.

Key features of the Attendance Register are:

  • A swipeable calendar for each subject in which the dates are color coded according to the attendance
  • Add notes for each day in the calendar
  • Simple and smooth UI
  • Statistics are displayed on the homepage
  • Rename the subjects whenever you like
  • Easy reordering of the homepage subjects’ list
  • Attendance Percentage is calculated and displayed underneath the calendar
  • PIN protect/Fingerprint protect the app

Download App: Click Here

Attendance Tracker for Students

This is the only app on the Google Play Store that allows you to backup and restores your timetable and attendance record in the easiest way.

Key Features:-

  • Manage attendance of each semester separately
  • Get records of previous semesters whenever required
  • Add subjects and timetable for each subject, get a notification when a lecture starts.
  • Set reminder for your daily activities or for a particular subject
  • Set minimum required attendance criteria and get alerts when the attendance goes below the minimum required criteria
  • Check how many lectures you can bunk or you have to attend to satisfy the minimum attendance criteria
  • Share/import time table within your friends

Download App: Click Here

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