Know What Happens Your Facebook and Twitter Account After Your Death

By | November 29, 2017

Do you know what happens to your social media account after your death or who runs it? There are many types of social media platforms and the answer to this question also depends on their privacy policy. Let’s know who runs on Facebook and Twitter die.


Today most of Facebook is used. Facebook has made certain rules for the dead. If you want, you can delete it forever or keep it as a memory. If you want to keep it as a remembrance, immediately after the name of your name on your Facebook account you will see ‘Remembers’ option. Apart from this, you have to send a legal contract to Facebook which will tell you who will handle your account after your death. Once given the death certificate, the eg in Facebook contracts will start following your instructions.

There is no policy to run an account after you die on Twitter but a member of your family can send a request to delete your account from Twitter. Your posts, photos, and the account will be deleted at your request of a verified family member. For this, the death certificate will be given.

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