Know Everything About a Website Using This Online Tools

By | August 3, 2018

When we find any good website on the internet at that time we want to contact the website owner. So I will share with you list of online tools using that you can find the owner of a website. Using this tool you can get information like How do I contact the owner of a website? Is the site accessible from China? Where is a particular website hosted? What other websites are hosted on that same server? What ad networks are they using to monetize a site? Is the site using WordPress or the Drupal platform?

Know Everything About a Website

Below are some of the most useful online tools that will help you know each and every detail of any website.

Below is the list of tool using that you can know everything about website — This is a universal lookup service meaning it can simultaneously query the whois database of all popular domain registrars. From this website you can get details like contact address, email and phone number of the website owner, this free whois lookup service will help. — Use Just Ping to determine if a particular website or blog is accessible from other countries. If the ping results say 100% Packet Loss, most likely the site is inaccessible from that region. — Anyone can query this public database to know about all the copyright infringement complaints against a particular website. When there’s a copyright-related complaint against a website, a copy of that letter is archived in the Chilling Effects database. — It displays the Google Pagerank of a website and the Web of Trust matrix. You can also use popuri to estimate the relative popularity of a website on social sites like Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. — This may come to handle if you need the contact information of the web hosting provider for writing a DMCA Notice or if you are looking to switch web hosts. Enter the URL of any website and this online service will show you the name of the company where that website is hosted. — It looks the whois details, the AdSense publisher ID and the Google Analytics code of websites to figure out other web domain that may belong to the same owner. Ewhois, short for enhanced whois lookup, will help you determine other websites of someone. — You get to know about the hosting provider, the physical location of a website, the IP Address change history of a website and the DNS information. offers a comprehensive report of any website or I.P. Address. —It keeps a record of the size of pages, their average load time and the number of failed requests over time. The HTTP Archive is a repository of all performance related metrics for a website. — SEMrush will help you figure out what organic keywords are people using to find a website, what is the site’s traffic and which are the competing websites. If you wish to analyze your competitor’s website, this is the tool to go with. — The Google tool also offers the suggestion of how the score can be improved. Find the Page Speed score of any website on both desktop and mobile devices. The higher this number, the better. — It helps you figure out the mail service provider of a domain, the advertising partners, the tracking widgets that are installed on a website and whether the site is using any CDN like Amazon S3 or Google Cloud. Use BuiltWith to know the technology stack of any website. — WhatsMyDNS check your DNS records from various locations and it can check your domain’s A, CNAME and MX records. When you buy a new domain or switch from one host to another, the DNS records for the domain change and it may take a while to propagate these changes worldwide.

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