JIO Users Do Not Make This Mistake, Your Free Phone Call Will Stop

By | October 21, 2017

If you use Reliance Jio SIM, then this news is very special for you. The free phone call may be turned off on your SIM card. Jio is being told that he has the right to shut down the free calling of the user. In such a case, if you use Jio SIM, take care of some things during its use.

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Free calling may be off

If Jio users use 300 minutes of daily calling, then the company can look at their SIM. Actually, the company is assuming that if you do more than 3000 minutes of calls in a month, then you use the phones commercially. In such a situation, life can stop your free calling.

Keep Useful With Jio SIM

Thay has mentioned these things under terms and conditions for their postpaid and prepaid users. Actually, the company says that Jio’s free calling service is for the personal use of the users only. But if any commercial or misuse of this service is used, then the company has the right to stop that service immediately.

The company has the right to shut down

According to Jio, if free calling is used for unauthorized telemarketing or commercial activity, then the company can shut down that service, but according to Jio, the company has not closed any services yet, but if necessary According to the rules, it can be closed.

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