Google Maps Now in the Bike Mode in the Android App

By | December 12, 2017

The importance of the Indian market for Google can be judged by the new features introduced by the company in Google Maps. Two-wheeler mode has also come to Google Maps in the Android app. In this mode motorcycle, scooter or another two-wheeler will be told about the expected time to travel. Google has given new feature information at the Google for India event. The new mode is seen next to the car, pedestrian and train option in the Google Maps Android app. The new model has become active for every user in the latest version of the Android app.

Google Maps

Ideally, it takes a logical decision to launch this kind of product in India, because India’s large population travels on a motorcycle. Apart from this, there are many roads on which there is not enough room for large vehicles. Google said in its event that India is the largest two-wheeler market. 70% of all registered vehicles in India are of two-wheelers. That’s why this feature has been first launched in India.

Google Maps new two-wheeler mode has features such as customized routing and voice navigation and enhanced landmark navigation. This feature has been brought to the people running bikes in India. It has been informed that it has been introduced in India first.

This mode comes with a variety of information for bikes. The driver will be told about the time it takes to reach the horoscope and all closed clauses. Apart from this, you will also know about the convenience of parking on your floor. This feature is also available in car mode.

Earlier, the drivers used options such as walking and driving to know the correct amount of the bike. Now Google is using machine learning for this particular two-wheeler mode.

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