Earn Money Online Using This Google App In Free Time

By | October 28, 2017

So far, you have used Google only to find information, but you can earn extra revenue. We’re talking about three things for Google, you do not even have to spend time with it. Whenever there is an empty time. To earn money download Google Opinion Reward App from play store and give simple opinion answer.

Google Opinion Reward Ap

About Google Opinion Reward App

Give your opinion to Google: They started ‘Google Opinion Reward’ in India in July. On which you have to vote for some surveys and in return, you can get 10 rupees per survey.

It is a reward: If you do 10 surgeries daily, you can earn 300 rupees in a month. With this money you can make a credit to your account, you can buy many things including games, music on the Play Store. You can also download this app from the Play Store.

To download this app money: Screen-wise Media Panel You just have to keep this app on your phone. You get 300 rupees for signing this. 10-10 paise per month.

Need to do this: In fact, this app tracks Google as to which site you can go and what you are looking for. If you have trouble sharing this information, then this app will benefit you.

What is the reward: To use this app, which will be credited to your account, They have a coupon, shopper’s stop and lifestyle coupon that you can use to make purchases for you.

Upload photos to Google Maps: Answers to some questions on the Google Profile guide ‘Google Maps’. Apart from this, you can also upload marketplace photos and reviews to guide others. In fact, this can help other people who search on Maps.

Get this reward: You can get access before launching a new product ubiquitously. Top logic gads ola silicon access coupons are also offered. In Dadar, you can book fewer fare for Ola’s prime car and you will also find Ola Airport London Access, for which you have to pay Rs. 539.

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