List of Best Free Websites for Calling

By | November 18, 2017

Here In this Article, I have prepared the list of Top Free Websites for Calling. If we talk about doing phone calls from the personal computer, then in our mind first comes about instant messaging service like Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger will come. We have often done call using PC-to-PC voice calls. But in PC-to-PC call limitation you can do free call only the people who have a computer and connected to the internet. Here we are going to talk about the computer to phone calls.

Websites for Calling

Yes, It is possible to talk a computer to mobile(phone) without any charge to your colleague, relative or anybody. The limitation of the computer to the phone are registration required, calls duration, limited number, registration required and advertisement.

Below Are The Best Free Websites for Calling

1 CallEasy

We can do calls through your personal computer and also from mobile. Calleasy provides you free calls to the countries with rates below than 5 euro cents/minute. We can verify this link to check the rates for every destination and start making free calls.

Visit Website: Click Here

2 iEvaPhone

The only limitation with this service is that the duration of the free call varies in which country the call is made and the line provider. iEvaphone provides the Internet to get ahold of calls for free. Their website offers off the top of head VoIP request solutions which lets you derive PC-to-phone automatic international calls.

Visit Website: Click Here

3. Call2Friends

This is cheap international calls from a web browser and mobile devices. Make high-quality international calls to any mobile or landline phone number directly from your browser with web-based calling app Call2Friends.

Visit Website: Click Here

4. VoipBuster

When we use the free VoipBuster software then we can do call at a low rate to any other phone. Using VoipBuster you can do 3 calls free per day according to their terms of use. VoipBuster has the latest technology and high-quality voice communications.

Visit Website: Click Here

5. Goober YouCall

Goober YouCall there is not any software download required. go to the Goober YouCall website and register the free account. Now you need to enter your phone number and destination phone number. There is only one limitation is the call duration. They are pre-filled credits in your account when you register with Goober YouCall.

Visit Website: Click Here

6. FreeCall

You can do more than 50 destinations free calls. FreeCall can download on your PC to make calls. We can do 300 minutes of free calls in a week. If you will not use 300 minutes a week then it will not carry forward to next week.

Visit Website: Click Here

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