How To Disable Startup Programs in Windows 7, 8, and 10

By | December 8, 2019

Disabling startup programs will greatly increase the speed of your pc and frequently won’t adversely have an effect on your pc as a result of the programs is loaded manually once you click on them. When you start up your computer and have to wait 10 minutes while all kinds of programs load up: graphics drivers, printer drivers, Dropbox, antivirus, Chrome, Adobe, Java, Apple, etc. If you have tons of programs loading up that you don’t use immediately on startup, then they are basically doing nothing but slowing your computer down.

Tips for Managing Startup Programs

Step 1: Click on Start and then Run, type in MSConfig and click OK. For Windows 7, you can just click on Start Menu and type in MSConfig.


Step 2: In MSConfig dialog box click on the Startup tab and for windows 10 click on Open Task Manager.

Step 3: Click on the Startup tab in Task Manager on Windows 10. Now the System Configuration dialog will bring up the list of startup items.

In Windows 10, the list appearance a touch completely different and it additionally offers you some additional information just like the calculable impact the method has on the startup time.

In Windows 10, you have got to pick out the item then click the Disable button at all-time low right. In Windows seven and earlier, you uncheck the box that’s at the left of every entry within the list.

The startup list has 2 columns: The startup program name and also the startup program path. this might look a bit shivery and will appear as if you’ll screw up the pc if you modify something, however, don’t be disquieted. I habitually disable several of my applications with no issues. keep in mind most of that area unit simply applications that were put in on your laptop, thus disabling these programs won’t have an effect on the core package.

If you can’t tell what a program is from its name or path, then try and disable it and see if it makes any distinction once you restart your laptop. Most of the time I actually have found that these programs don’t do something terribly helpful on the pc. If one thing stops operating, then simply re-enable the method. Click OK and you’ll be asked to restart the pc. after you log in, you ought to notice the go browsing to be a quicker reckoning on what number things you unchecked!

Overall, it’s still helpful, however, a bit more durable to grasp owing to the over-simplification. the opposite thanks to getting things out of the startup list are to easily load the program and attend Preferences or choices. Most programs have a setting that masses the program on startup which might be disabled from at intervals the program itself. Hopefully, your laptop starts up a bit quicker.

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