The Best Way to Add Video Subtitles

By | December 23, 2019

Which is just about useless. But on the opposite hand, what if there are subtitles? Then they could read something you’re saying to be interesting. Interesting enough to prevent scrolling and switch the quantity on. Unless they’re during a public space, during which case subtitles are essential.

Add Video Subtitles

I’ve also previously written about creating your own subtitles using free software, but it’s quite time-consuming. this is often why you’ll get them done quickly and for free of charge, using YouTube.

Using Add Video Subtitles

YouTube has a great tool for creating captions. It’s quick and easy, but you can only use it for videos that are uploaded to YouTube.

Not many of us realize this, but every single video that gets uploaded to YouTube gets transcribed automatically by the service.

The first step is obviously to get your video onto YouTube. I would recommend uploading it privately or unlisted first until you get the subtitles sorted out.

Go to any YouTube video and click the Subtitles/Closed Captions option at the bottom right of the video.

Youtube subtitle

Now You will then see the subtitles start when the person starts speaking.


  • You already have a transcript for your video.
  • Your videos are uploaded on YouTube.

YouTube also has an “auto-generated closed captions” feature. While these captions are faraway from perfect, if your clip has slow and clear speakers, you’ll find it quicker to edit the auto-generated captions instead of ranging from scratch.

Using Amara Video Subtitles

Amara’s award-winning technology enables you to caption and subtitle any video for free. For larger subtitling projects the platform makes it easy to manage teams of translators. Amara Enterprise delivers powerful solutions for your video accessibility and localization needs.


  • Your videos are hosted online.
  • You want to translate your captions into other languages.
  • You have to create captions from scratch.

It’s a beginner mode for learning, then you’ll reach its advanced interface. If you would like to urge a touch more serious about your captioning, this could be the program for you. It has editing features galore which will fix up your spelling and grammar, burn open captions into your video, import an entire bunch of fancy subtitle file types then far more.

The great thing about Amara is it becomes very quick to use once you have got the hang of the keyboard controls. It also allows you to translate your videos into other languages when your captions are finished.

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