What Is the over the Air Wireless Charging for Smartphone?

By | March 28, 2018

Samsung is known to present new features in the case of its Galaxy Note Lineup. In the note 8, the company introduced a dual primary camera setup. This was the first Samsung smartphone that had a dual primary camera setup. Similarly, the company can bring over the air (OTA) wireless charging in its Galaxy Note 9.

Air Wireless Charging

What is Over the Air Wireless Charging?

The company had registered for the 2016 patent. Currently charging pad surface of the smartphone must be touched by the phone to charge the smartphone in wireless charging technology.  But OTA wireless charging works quite differently from present wireless charging. Under the OTA Wireless Charging Technology, the phone will start charging only when it will come in the range. This means that the phone will be charged even when the device is lying in your pocket.

How does OTA technology work?

This technology can take 3-4 years to come. It’s going to be a big technology. This will change the way smartphones are used and charged. The device will be able to charge the device even when it is moving. The device coming with this technology will use an algorithm that focuses on the energy of the device in the OTA charging enabled room. Going from Wire Chasing to OTA Wireless Charging will be as big a change as the wireless phone was from the landline.

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