9 Best Remote Desktop Software for Your Business

By | June 10, 2020

Simply the 10 best remote computer access for business users. Here I have listed great all-round remote desktop access software. They all provide the best Remote Desktop solutions for small business to enterprises. There are many famous software in Remote Software but here we have listed best among them. There are various types of remote desktop software. Some of the most important and commonly used.

Remote Desktop Software

To qualify for inclusion in the Remote Desktop category, a product must:

  • Use own keyboard and mouse to control the remote screen.
  • Display the remote computer screen on your own screen in real-time.
  • Allow connection either via an internal network or IP address.
  • Allow user complete access to and control over the remote desktop.
  • Support differing operating systems.

9 Best Remote Desktop Software

1. TeamViewer

TeamViewer is a Remote Access Software, which is used to remotely control two computers, laptops or mobiles located far away from each other. Team Viewer is a free computer software which is very popular remote control software, with the help of which you can easily access your computer from any computer in the world from your computer sitting at home i.e.

If you want to use your friend’s computer that lives in another city or country, then you can do it with the help of team viewer. Team Viewer is used mostly by software companies or any software developer or use computer expert. To help someone.

2. AnyDesk

Anydesk is a real time live video information sharing software that can be used in all types of computers and smartphones such as laptop, desktop Android phone, Ios, etc. Using this, we can communicate our computer or smartphone with another computer or smartphone, whether it is nearby or anywhere else. If said in easy words, it is such a software that we can share the screen of our computer very easily through live video.

To use it, you have to download Anydesk, its free and paid version also comes. If you are an Online Service Provider, you can use the paid version. You will get to see some price lists, if you want to use it for business, then you can buy the paid version.

3. ConnectWise Control

The ConnectWise Control Windows application allows you to instantly connect to and remotely control devices. Get fast, secure access to Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices anytime, anywhere. Use this ConnectWise Control Client to join sessions in an existing instance of ConnectWise Control.

With this app you can:

• Join remote support and unattended access sessions in your existing. ConnectWise Control instance.
• Remotely control computers and workstations.
• Share your screen with remote users.
• Send commands to remote devices.
• Transfer files.

4. Splashtop Business Access

Fast, simple, secure remote computer access for individuals and teams. Remotely access your Windows PCs and Macs from your smartphone, tablet, or another computer – Just like you’re sitting in front of the computer. Over 200,000 businesses and 30 million end users around the world, including large banks, law enforcement, government agencies, local governments, and government contractors securely use Splashtop.

5. Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist is a web-based remote support software that helps you to remotely access desktops securely. Zoho Assist helps you control a remote computer right from your Android device. Setup and manage remote computers effortlessly with unattended remote access. Completely secure and reliable. Support remote customers quickly through web-based, on-demand remote support sessions.

6. VNC Connect

VNC Connect is screen sharing software that lets you connect to a remote computer anywhere in the world, watch its screen in real-time, and take control as though sitting in front of it.

7. RemotePC

High-performing remote access solution for your PC and Mac. Support multiple remote computers in real-time from anywhere, even from iPhones or iPads. You can also use mobile devices to access a computer, so you’re not tethered to a desktop or laptop host. it supports file-sharing and chat functionalities—both important things if you’re trying to work with someone remotely to solve a problem.

8. GoToMyPC

Work From Home Instantly with Remote Access from GoToMyPC. You can Work more efficiently with GoToMyPC Remote Desktop Software. You can instantly work on your files, applications, programs and network – just as if you were at your desk. Access everything you need to get your job done securely and provide exceptional service for your colleagues, customers, or teams away from the office. Stay secure with 128-bit AES encryption, dual passwords and end-to-end authentication.

9. Mikogo

Mikogo is a desktop sharing software application for web conferencing and remote support, and is provided by the online collaboration provider, Snapview GmbH. Mikogo provides its software as native downloads for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android.

The software is cross-platform which allows a presenter to host the online meeting on a Windows computer and meeting attendees could join from a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer, as well as from smartphones or tablets.

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