Recharge Packs of 1GB Data Every Day of Reliance Jio Is Now Cheap

By | January 9, 2018

According to Reliance Jio’s Happy New Year 2018 offer, the price of the plan with 1 GB of data per day has been reduced to 60 rupees. After the latest reduction, 1 GB per day with 4G data will be available for Rs. In addition to cheaper the Jio Prepaid Recharge pack, the company will also offer several plans with 1.5 GB data per day.

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The Jio Plan of 199, 399, 459 and Rs 499 from date 09-01-2018 will now be available to the subscribers at Rs 149, 349, 399 and Rs 449, respectively. There will be no changes in the free voice calls and SMS features available in the plan. Customers will continue to get free subscriptions for Jio Apps.

Below Is the Jio Plan Change From date 9 Jan 2018

Current Price New Price Validity Total Data (1 GB / day)
199 Rs 149 Rs 28 days 28 GB
399  Rs 349 Rs 70 day 70 GB
459 Rs 399 Rs 84 days 84 GB
499 Rs 449 Rs 91 days 91 GB

The company will also offer a 1.5 GB 4G data plan per day. These are 198, 398, 448 and 498 rupees. In the first price, there were plans with 1 GB data.

This means that now customers will be given about 50 percent more data in the old price.

Below Is the 1.5GB Data Plan Details

 Price  validity total data (1.5 GB / day)
198 RS 28 Days 42 GB
398 Rs. 70 days 105 GB
448 Rs 84 days 126 GB
498 Rs 91 days 136 GB
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