Tattoos to the extent of the lust to the extent of this person made the manuscript even in his pupil tattoos

By | October 21, 2017

To what extent can a tattoo be made? You may feel overwhelmed to hear the question, but a person from Delhi is so fond of tattoo that even on the sensitive pupil of his eye, he is making a tattoo. This tattoo is called Sclera tattoo. Delhi-based tattoo artist Karan is discussing social media due to his exploits. He is the first person in the country who has tattooed his eyeballs.

Karan, who admits Tattoos to his passion and profession, says that the tattoo level in the pupil of the eye is far above the rest of the tattoo. For some people this is impossible, but if you succeed in getting rid of fear in your mind, then nothing is impossible.

When asked to do Karan, he did not fear when doing so, he told that he did a lot of research before doing this. When he was convinced that there was no danger to him, Karan decided to make it. He also talked to his family and friends. A few days ago a Canadian woman also tried to make tattoos on the eyewear like Karan.

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