Install These Apps, Message on Whatsapp Will Be Sent to Auto Reply

By | February 15, 2018

We are showing you an app that you are trading with, even though your WhatsApp will auto-reply to another user, so there will be no need to touch the smartphone and the user with the reply will get a reply.

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This way is done in Auto-Reply App

For auto-reply on WhatsApp, the user must install the ‘Auto-reply for WhatsApp’ app on the smartphone. This is a free app, only your data will be used for this. After this app is installed, your WATSAP account is linked, after some settings change, the user can auto-reply any message.

About Auto-Reply App for WhatsApp

  • Automate your WhatsApp and give programmed answers: Auto Reply for WhatsApp will help to Auto Reply WhatsApp Messages consequently.
  • Possibility to answer every get message (from all/from single contacts).
  • Computerize your WhatsApp and give programmed answers.
  • Automatically answers to all WhatsApp messages with predefined writings: This feature will enable you to set a custom content to answer WhatsApp messages.
  • Automatically answers to custom/all WhatsApp messages with predefined writings.
  • Responds if message parallels or just contains some words.
  • Possibility to answer every single got message (from all/from single contacts)
  • Possibility to set contacts.
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