The Best Web Hosting Sites for Blogging

By | October 3, 2018

When you decide to start a blog then you must have this two question come on your mind: Which Web Hosting I need to use? Where need I go to start a blog? This both question is very important who want to get started blogging. That’s why, in this guide, I’m going to help you choose the right blogging platform. I have hosted my blog in all the below-listed web hosting and based on my experience here I am going to share you the best blogging platform. Writing and Publishing the most important thing for below listed blogging platform.

Web Hosting Sites

The Best Hosting Sites for Blogging

So in this article, we’re going to talk about the following:

  3. BlogSpot by Google


It is Self-hosted WordPress platform. It’s open-source software and is updated every few months to keep giving its users all the latest new features. WordPress is a very popular platform for launching a blog. The provides you complete control of your website. This is the main reason it is so popular. Using it is very easy to start writing and customize your blog’s structure.

Anyone can start a blog in literally minutes. One more thing if you do not want to make your blog popular or make money from blogging then you don’t really need this platform. You can get started on a free platform and move to this one if/when you’re ready. But, if you are serious about being a blogger, then is the platform you need.


It is easier to use than but comes with limitations. If you are sticky on using then I suggest you go with will help you get used to the WordPress platform. You will learn things like how to manage the dashboard, how to write a blog post, and how to moderate comments. offers a free domain name such as your name., and if you want, you can also upgrade to the custom domain name. Generally, when we get started blogging with free BlogSpot or any other free hosting provider, but then we realize how bad it is.

For example, first I have started my blog on free hosting BlogSpot, but I have not got the good result for SEO. So I have moved it on WordPress. Well, we all make such silly mistakes in the first few days of blogging, and such free platforms ensure that these mistakes don’t affect our pockets.

As I mentioned earlier, if you want to use “premium” features, it’s better and cheaper to go with There are more paid features available on which increase its capabilities.

#3. BlogSpot by Google

It is the Free and decent alternative to WordPress. I started my first blog on BlogSpot. After using it for almost 1 month, I shifted to WordPress.  This is a Google platform, and as such, the architecture here is completely different than WordPress. Blogging on BlogSpot is easy and newbie-friendly. BlogSpot is another great platform that you can use for free.

One thing that you will like about BlogSpot is you can monetize your blog however you want (AdSense, Amazon Associates, sponsored posts, direct ads, etc.). BlogSpot offers a mobile app which lets you do all the publishing and management tasks from your mobile phone.

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