Web Application to Remove Backgrounds from Photos

By | November 5, 2018

In this article, I will explain Web Application to remove the background from photos without photoshop. We know Adobe Photoshop has a functionality to erase background to help you quickly erase complicated background images from digital photographs. You want to do something similar without Photoshop. Here I have discussed FotoLfexer Website to remove background without any desktop tool. To remove background you just need to upload your picture to FotoFlexer, this is the online photo editor tool.

Remove Backgrounds from Photos

Steps to Remove Backgrounds from Photos

Step 1: First, Go to FotoFlexer Online Photo Editor. And upload a picture to FotoFlexer, that you want to remove the background. You can also grab pictures directly from Facebook, Picasa, MySpace, and Flickr.

Step 2: Next Click on the Geek tab at the right. Now you get some button like Smart Cutout and Smart Scissors. Here we use Smart Scissors tool. It’s very similar to the magnetic lasso tool in Photoshop.

Step 3: Start drawing a boundary around the part of the image that you want to cut out from the background.

Step 4: First, the click at the starting point and then continue to do click in small increments. You’ll notice that on each click, the Smart Scissors will automatically snap the curved lines around the object.

Step 5: You need to click continue around the object until you get to the end because then only you join the last dot with your first dot in order to create a closed selection. After that only you will see the option for “Create Cutout” button.

The final without background photo you can download as a JPGs or a PNG so I guess it maintains the transparency as well.

FotoFlexer is the world’s most advanced online digital photo editor. It performs advanced effects previously only available to professionals using expensive software. Using FotoFlexer service you can extract pictures. For example, it is very easy for the extra particular person from a group photograph or you can merge two photos. You can cut a portion from the first image using Smart Scissors and place in over the second picture.

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