Visme Design Tool: Visual Learning Center and Be Better Visual Communicator

By | September 19, 2018

The Visme is the powerful visual design tool for stories in the form of engaging presentations, infographics, and other visual content. Their mission is to provide a valuable resource for readers who want actionable information. Using Visme for business you can create and manage the team. Visme is the only design tool that presents your stories and translates boring data into stunning visual formats right in your browser.

Visme Design Tool

Visme Design Tool: Speak Loudly. Speak Visually. Visme has autosave functionality so you do not need to save every time when you made any changes to your work. Easy to preview, share and download your work. You can download your prepared work on file formats like Image(JPG/PNG), Document(PDF/PPTX), and HTML5. You can share the project with your team and also analyze the shared project.

The Common Functionality of Visme Design Tool

  • Basic: From basic feature, you can use Header & Text, Stats & Figures and Graphics & Text.
  • Layouts: You can select the layout of your documents. There are many layouts available in Visme for documents.
  • Graphics: It contains Icons & Shapes and you can also upload your own photo.
  • Data: In this feature, there are many types of charts available. You can add it in your presentation to explain complex data.
  • Media: Using this feature you can add video, audio and embed online content.
  • Theme Colors: There are 12 types of color available to apply on the theme you can choose from the Theme Color Tab.
  • My Files: You can upload any types the of the file here and use it in your presentation.

About Visme for Your Business

You can create the team using Visme for your business. You can add/update new team member hence Visme has roles based functionality is also available. Create and share beautiful Presentations, Infographics, and Reports fueled by insights and analytics with your team members.

About Visme for Education

They help educators and students to create beautiful interactive presentations, infographics, and reports excel in their academic arena. Visme for education is used by many leading institutions and schools. For your classroom, you can create virtually any type of visual content.

Using Visme Design Tool You Can Create


Transform the way you create & share professional presentations. You can create classic or modern slides from Visme Presentation Tool. I have used Visme Presentation tool it is very easy to use and you can create a fast presentation.


Create & share beautiful engaging infographics. Using infographics tool you can present complex data easy way. Infographics contain design templates like Process, Timeline, Reports, Informational,  Hierarchical, How to, Anatomical, Business, Sales & Marketing, Non-Profit, Health & Medical, Education, Resume, and Science & Technology.


You can prepare colorful documentation for professional use. Documentation tool has many types of templates available like Reports, Proposals, White Papers, Media Press Kit, Newsletters, EBooks, Surveys, Lesson Plans, Report Cards, and Charts. If you want to prepare your school/college project documentation then must use documents tool of Visme. It provides you best design suggestion.


Create an attractive and amazing printable poster. Printables tool has templates like Posters, Flyers, Menus, Flyers, Invitations, Trifold Brochures, Certificates, Postcards, Gift Certificates, and Business Cards.

Web Graphics

Prepare meaningful ads for your business advertising that engage with customers. Web graphics contains design like Blog Graphic, Wide Skyscraper (IAB), Large Rectangle (IAB), Medium Rectangle (IAB), Leaderboard (IAB), and Email Headers.

Charts & Reports

Create interactive charts, graphs & reports to share online or download. It has contained all the types of graph that you can use for your presentation.

Social Graphics

Design stunning social media graphics in minutes. Using Social graphics tool you can create Facebook Covers, Facebook Ads, and Facebook Posts.

Custom Size

Using this feature you can select a custom size Presentation, US letter, Infographics, and Bussiness Card.

To Use Visme Design Tool: Click Here

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