Why Should You Use YouTube Premium

By | April 4, 2019

YouTube Premium is the best-paid streaming subscription service. Using this you can use YouTube and YouTube Music ad-free offline in the background ad-free, access to all YouTube Originals. Google offers a 1 month free trial for new users to kick the tires. A YouTube Premium subscription allows you to watch videos on YouTube without advertisements across the website and its mobile apps and it includes the dedicated YouTube Music, YouTube Gaming, and YouTube Kids apps.

YouTube Premium

Below is the Reason to Use YouTube Premium

1. Watch the Videos Without Ads

Most importantly, though, YouTube Premium allows you to watch all the YouTube you want, without ever seeing a single damn ad. YouTube Premium, includes exclusive content from major YouTubers and a free account with Google Play Music. So here this means no ads across all YouTube apps, including the ones for your SmartTV, set-top box and smartphone.

2. It is Possible to Save Videos for Offline

if you have not an unlimited data plan then YouTube Premium is the best option for you because you can save videos for offline. With YouTube Premium, you get a download icon below every video that you can tap to save the clip for later. This is the best way to keep a handful of your favorite music videos on hand. You can also save the video versions of your favorite podcasts at home so you’re not limited to the audio-only versions on the go.

3. Google Gives You ouTube Music Premium and Google Play Music for free too

All Google Play Music subscribers get YouTube Premium, and all YouTube Premium subscribers get Google Play Music — and YouTube Music Premium. The Google Play Music library offers just as many songs as Spotify, plus it includes a cloud locker service. So here Google plans to bridge the gap between YouTube Premium and Google Play Music in the near future.

4. Play videos in the background, even when you open Another App

In normal YouTube, without stopping videos you cannot switch into a different app. Using YouTube Premium you can switch anywhere like a notification popping up on your device that pulls me into my email, my Twitter mentions or my texts. Now that I use YouTube Premium, if I’m OK with just hearing the sound of a video, it will keep playing in the background as I compose a reply.

5. You Can Watch Original Series and Movies from Today’s Hottest Talent

You can watch original content that is exclusive to the paid tier of YouTube. YouTube Premium offers original films and series produced in collaboration with professional studios and YouTube personalities.

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