The Best Whatsapp Tricks & Tips, Must Use It

By | January 7, 2018

Whatsapp now has become a part of your common life, but there are still some Whatsapp tricks & tips that you may not know even though having a Whatsapp user. Using these tricks will make your chat even more fun.

WhatsApp Tricks

Below is the Trick & Tips for WhatsApp

Making GIF

Through this feature, we can use GIF to message someone on Whatsapp. These GIFs can be made from Save photos and videos only in your phone’s gallery. Go to Whatsapp chat for this. Then go to the attached file and select the video that you want to make GIF. After that, you can create a 6-second GIF.

Chat in many languages

There is no need of English only during the chat on Whatsapp. Now you can use Whatsapp in Hindi as well as in many Indian regional languages. For this, go to Whatsapp settings and select the app language and choose one of the other languages, the chat language of your choice.

Text Format

With the new feature of Whatsapp, now its format can be changed before sending any text. In this you can bold your text, for this, ‘*’ must be initialized and initialized. Apart from this, the font can also be entered, use ‘_’ for this.

Top pin to chat

This is happening several times during chat on Whatsapp when we are talking to somebody, we have to scroll down again and find that chat. Now with the help of this feature of Whatsapp, we do not have to do this. With this feature, we can pin any chat so that it comes to the top of our chat and does not need to find it again and again. For this, you have to hold the chat for a while and hold. After this, you will see some icons upstairs. The first of these is the PIN icon that you can pin the chat by selecting.

Stop the automatic image download

Now every one of the media coming on Whatsapp is downloaded and they also consume too much of your data. You can stop auto download to avoid this.

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